Headline Entertainment

With something for everyone, this show has a variety of stunts that range from death-defying to ridiculously funny.

The show gets rolling inside a human-sized hamster ball - how's that for thinking outside the box?

Add to that international award-winning juggling, astounding acrobatic feats, and high-flying aerial fabric stunts performed over 25 feet in the air and you’ve got a show beyond compare. This performance will be remembered long after the event.

Keynote Speeches

Seeing is Believing

Imagine a speaker who brings her message to life with a human-sized hamster ball, stunning acrobatics, and death-defying stunts.

This is so much more than a speech. This is a real life demonstration of overcoming obstacles and fear, punctuated with dangerous acrobatic stunts performed on aerial fabric high above the ground, seamlessly customized for your event.

Your audience will be inspired and engaged with real life stories and strategies.

They’ll learn to send their resistance packing, and will find the key to overcoming any challenge.

When you are 25 feet in the air, there are a million reasons not to let go, but there is one more important reason to silence them all – because it’s time to fly!